Back to basics -planting seeds

Back to basics -planting seeds

I believe that we are all born with an instinctive knowledge of right and wrong and a natural sense of self-preservation.
A child knows when he/she is doing something wrong the first time they do it, it’s your reaction that will either confirm or deny their instinct, therefore forming their ethical and moral standards.
Thus, being a good or bad person is just a matter of how your surroundings react to your natural instincts.
Self preservation works exactly the same way and it is sometimes challenged by your instinct of being a good person.
If there weren’t so many voices telling us what is good and bad, and what we should fear or disregard in terms of survival, we would simply instinctively choose what makes sense.
If you need someone, a community leader, a religious preacher, a politician, to tell you what is right or wrong, you have lost the connection with your inner instincts and have become a tool to their vanity and greed.
Independent thinking is so rare these days that people are gravitating towards extremes on every direction.
You can choose to be kind but not become a victim.
You can choose to share with the less fortunate without being taken advantage of.
You can choose to love everyone for who they are without changing who you are.
You can choose to help strangers but keep your instinct of self-preservation and know when a stranger might be a threat.
It is not an all or nothing deal!
When you live in a society where people start talking in absolutes, some need to be brave enough to risk criticism and remind us all to reconnect with our natural instincts.
Some of you will not like my posts this year, but I’m not here to be liked or admired, I’m here to make a difference.
It’s time to plant seeds.


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