Month: June 2018

The myth of “As long as we have our guns”

The myth of “As long as we have our guns”

Three months ago myself and a couple of friends started a 501C-4 organization called Freedom Rights with the sole purpose to bring patriotic Americans together to protect what protects us, the United States Constitution.

It has been my personal experience as someone who was born in a foreign country, that our freedoms are taken away in small doses, small enough to still give us a sense that we have some control over our future.  And seeing how the same pattern was present in my beloved adopted country, I felt it was necessary to start doing something before it was too late.

What I’m about to write will upset some of my friends, and I offer no apology for it, because it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, even some of the most patriotic and freedom loving Americans, have been brainwashed into believing that as long as they have their guns they can take back what has already been stolen.  There is this almost utopic idea that some day they will know that it is finally time to fight, but not yet.  I’ve always wondered what makes people so complacent, and how bad things need to get before they understand that there is in fact a point where it’s literally too late.  Most Americans have this idea that one day they will come for their guns and they will fight back, that’s the moment when they will finally do something, really? Why wait until we come to the point of having to shed blood to defend what is rightfully ours? Why not demand that elected officials live up to their oath of office and respect the Constitution? Why not push back every single time legislation is passed or about to be passed that will infringe on our rights?

Globalists work day and night to change this country, they are organized and persistent. Yes, they are rude, loud, and have the news media on their side.  How do Constitution loving Americans respond to that? Typically by doing absolutely nothing!

I’ve heard everything from “we all have jobs”, to “we are better than that”, to “let’s make sure we vote the next election”.  All of which sounds very honorable, but is it? Or is it pure complacency and laziness?  Are the patriots of today just little kids that play pretend in their little worlds, and in their pretend world they are Super Man, brave and strong, but when they hear mom’s voice they quickly go back to being Jimmy, the 6 y/o boy scared he might be late for dinner?

Yes, there are those who would fight back, and there are some who are willing to protest and stand for their rights … not enough though, not enough.  We are a whisper in the wind, while the globalists are a pack of howling wolves.

We have come to the point where speaking our mind, like I do often on my videos, is considered an act of bravery! How pathetic is that?

Do you know what comes next? More suppression, more corrupt politicians, more laws infringing on your rights, more gun legislation, and if the last decades are any indication of how people will react, chances are we will do absolutely nothing other than complain as usual.

To illustrate how far-fetched the idea that patriots will actually take the streets screaming “Molon Labe” or “From my cold dead hands” is, let’s go over gun legislation passed during the last few decades:

  • 1934 – National Firearms Act: banned fully automatic weapons, short-barreled shot guns, taxed manufacturer and gun owners, required paperwork subject to Treasury Dept Approval.  No one fought back
  • 1938 – Federal Firearms Act: Manufacturers were required to obtain a license and keep a record of every person they sold a weapon to.  No one fought back
  • 1968 – Gun Control Act: further restricted rifles and shot-gun sales, prohibited mail order sales, restricted users. No one fought back
  • 1972 – ATF was created to further enforce gun control. No one fought back
  • 1990 – Crime Control Act: that’s the one that made schools gun free zones. No one fought back
  • 1994 – Brady Handgun Violence Act:  commonly known as the “assault weapon ban” this bill banned the manufacture, possession, and importation of new semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices (or magazines) for civilian use.  No one fought back.

We have allowed ourselves to be regulated in every way possible, from what we can say at work, to how much influence we have in our children’s school curriculum, and even what we post on social media. We now need a permit to peaceably assemble at a public park (violation of the 1st Amendment), permit to hunt and fish, we pay exorbitant property taxes so our homes are never really ours, and the list goes on.  We are far from free!

And we did nothing!

But don’t worry, they don’t want a revolution, they will just keep on taking our rights away in small doses because they’ve been studying us and they know it works.   And while they are doing that, they are also teaching the new generations about the beauty of globalism.  They are patient, and persistent.

They will eventually pass legislation banning guns all together, that’s the natural path, it has happened in Europe and South America.   Trump will not be there forever, and depending on who wins the next election, we will be closer than most people think to losing all of our rights.  And please, don’t fool yourself, you will do nothing.  The same way that you’ve done nothing till this point, and they know it.

So, next time you see anarchists making noise and pushing for laws that infringe on your rights and say … “I have to work” “I’m better than them” or “I’ll make sure to vote”, go straight to the mirror and say that to yourself!

Better yet, walk up to your child, or grandchild and say those words.

And then explain to them why they will live under a tyrannical government because you are so much better than the anarchists, so you chose to do nothing.

Einstein said it best … “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”.

It is time to do more than just vote.



If you really care about the migrant children, deal with these truths!

If you really care about the migrant children, deal with these truths!

Hey Schumer! Remember when you caused a government shut down because you wanted to protect DACA? Remember that President Trump handed you a bill granting amnesty to 1.8 million DACA recipients and you rejected it because you didn’t want to fund the border wall?

So please spare me your fake outrage 6 months later regarding families being separated at the border!

Right after the government shut down, Democrats, the media, and the never Trump Republicans went completely silent regarding DACA.  We have not heard a peep out of them! What happened to them and why all of a sudden no one is shedding tears for their horrible fate of being illegal thanks to their parents lack of judgment,  the same lack of judgment that is responsible for the new fake outrage at the border regarding families being separated?

Anyone still buying into the 24 hour news cycles with dramatic coverage of ordinary daily government business either has an extremely short memory, or lack the ability of independent thinking.

It’s all about politics and keeping people angry and divided, period.

If Democrats cared about DACA they would have taken the amnesty for 1.8 million recipients and allowed a border wall to be built so we are not in the same situation again in 10 years.  If Republicans cared about building a wall and improving security at the border they would come together instead of fighting among themselves and pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

But here’s the ugly truth…

The drug cartels have a 29 billion dollars a year business in the US thanks to a porous border, and this business is just going to grow as more and more people become addicted to meth and heroin.  If big pharma has lobbyists, don’t you think the cartels do too?  Look at skid row in California, all those people living on the streets in tents are drug addicts, and they are there because we have an unstoppable flow of drugs into this country.

Another border issue is sex traffickers.  As many as 80% of the minors coming into the US are either teenagers coming alone or smaller kids being brought in by a kidnapper to be sold to pedophile and prostitution rings.  Teenage girls as young as 13 are brought in to “service” migrant camps, where the pimps will charge $35 for every 15 min spent with the girl and force them to be with 50-60 men a day. And the male teenagers are often gang members coming in as mules for the drug cartels.

If you take the time to research, then you understand why the separation is actually needed! What do you know? Bill Clinton actually signed a law that was meant to protect these children and now his own party think it’s cruel just because Trump is using it to solve a problem that has put thousands of minors in danger.

Also, keep in mind that these people are coming in without any documentation whatsoever, how do you know that this particular 3 year old belongs to the woman holding him? Authorities have to do a lot of work to find out if this relationship is legitimate, or if there is a mother back in Guatemala whose child was kidnapped to be sold in the US to a pedophile.

Something else that reporters and politicians conveniently forget to mention, are the billions of dollars spent by the U.S. government every year in financial aid to countries like Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, with the sole purpose of helping those governments with health, education and security, so their citizens have a better life. Why are we giving them all this money and then taking their citizens in, along with all the drug trafficking? This is your money, your tax dollars, completely mishandled.

Last, but not least, let’s not forget that there are 10 American Consulates spread all over Mexico and these migrants claiming asylum could have stopped at any of the Consulates at the southern part of Mexico, and apply for asylum before taking the long and dangerous trip to cross the border illegally. So why didn’t they? Could it be that they knew they would be screened there and most likely not be able to enter the US with a child that didn’t belong to them?

In order to maintain independent thinking, one must learn to question everything or you are doomed to become a tool in the hands of politicians who have mastered the art of pulling on your heart strings to guarantee another 4 years in office.

At the end, the best thing our government can do is to build a wall and protect the border so these disgusting people who make a living from drug trafficking, or selling children for sex, will no longer have a market to profit from.

But next week Democrats, the media and the rhinos will be outraged by something else, there will be another “big story” to keep you fighting with each other and the voting population will be divided so no one notices the corruption happening behind closed doors… and they will forget about the children the same way they forgot about DACA.  And unfortunately, so will you.

The Left’s misplaced outrage

The Left’s misplaced outrage

Obama met with Cuban dictator Castro and handed him everything he wanted, nothing from that meeting promoted world peace or proved beneficial to the US.
It was a one-sided deal that still left the Cuban people starving and desperate to leave the island.
Cuba isn’t a threat to anyone other than their own people, and Cubans got zero out of the infamous visit where Obama and his administration posed proudly in front of a mural with the image of murderous Che Guevara.
But the press loved it!
They applauded and praised him for accomplishing absolutely nothing!  And completely ignored the millions of Cubans living in the US who were outraged by the visit and concessions made by Obama to Castro.

No one seemed bothered by the rights of the Cuban people,  the misery they live in, or the fact that still today Cubans cannot say what they think without facing prison.  And that the meeting between Obama and Castro was nothing but a well orchestrated show to then allow some interest groups to benefit financially from trading with Cuba … a Country whose government will take all those profits and do nothing for its people.
So, here we are in 2018, and the Trump administration managed to organize a meeting with North Korea’s dictator, making Trump the first American President to ever meet with a North Korean leader.  Yes, we all know that the people of North Korea are probably even more oppressed than the Cubans, so clearly, peace between North Korea and the rest of the World will greatly improve their lives.  Maybe not as much as we would like to, but it is the first step.

This meeting had one single purpose that we all know of: the denuclearization of North Korea.  Which has an enormous impact in the entire world,  and all the media can do is call Trump a dictator because he met with a dictator?
Seriously? A ten year old could come up with a better insult!
This takes the need to bash someone to an entire new level!
That level where hypocrisy and lack of ethics is so blatant that you have to wonder who in the world is that small-minded to listen to this crap and buy it!
The fact that they always find something negative to say doesn’t bother or surprise me, what keeps surprising me is people’s inability to think for themselves and at some point say… wait a minute, this is in the realm of absurdity now, and walk away from the systematic brainwashing.
In some people’s twisted and very cluttered minds, Trump will go down in the liberal history books as the first dictator to want citizens to remain armed and a capitalist economy.
In a way that gives liberals at least one win, Trump really sucks at something, he sucks at being a real dictator!