Month: January 2018

SOTU –  The Duke Edition

SOTU – The Duke Edition

If you’ve interpreted the SOTU as anything but Patriotic, you’re too young to remember the America I moved to 30 years ago, have not assimilated as an immigrant, or have been successfully programmed by the global elite to mistake patriotism for a form of toxic nationalism.

Trump’s address brought me back to my first years as an immigrant in this Country, when John Wayne was a hero for his love of everything that created these United States of America.

His speech was 100% about America, its roots, its spirit, its strength. And 100% about the kind of people who have made this a great Country.

I remember visiting Brazil, and people would ask me why was The U.S. so ahead of a country that was about the same age, population and geographic size.  That was an easy answer…


Americans were patriots, they loved this country and its history.  They worked to preserve it.  They even came across as arrogant to some other cultures, and they didn’t care.  It was never about being arrogant, it was about being proud of what they had built. I understood that, and I admired it.

Thus, my desire to become an American.  I wanted to be part of a people who had the strength to fight for what they believed, and so I did.

As the global elite gained control of some of our politicians and our school system,  patriotism has become frowned upon, it gained a new name – nationalism.

So, when Trump, in typical John Wayne style, offered no apologies for his love for America and its spirit;  and delivered a speech presenting the work done during his first year, which has been solely dedicated to bringing back the economic strength that we once had.  The global elite, represented by politicians who oppose him, could not cheer for America, or Americans.

They did not cheer for the sacrifices made by the Citizens celebrated last night.  The young boy who placed flags at veterans graves, the ICE agent who rid the country of countless gang members, the firefighter who saved lives in California, not even the parents who tragically lost their daughters at the hands of MS13 gang members.  They did not cheer for the mention of the Flag or the Anthem, one even left the room when the crowd started chanting USA.  They did not applaud the lowest unemployment in decades among Black Americans, or record job growth.  They sat there, bothered by any sign of American exeptionalism.

You see…. if they did cheer, they would be turning their backs on the global elites whom they’ve been working so hard for to convince us that America is not exceptional, that it is not our spirit of self-reliance that brought us here, but our greed and selfishness.

Their undeniable hate for the President is simply because one man was able to rekindle the spirit of patriotism they’ve worked so hard to diminish and got so close to eliminating.

America will keep standing as a beacon of freedom for as long as there are Patriots!

Let us never forget that, and let us teach our children so they will not forget.

When I listened to the rebuttal speech by a pale red-headed trust fund Kennedy desperately trying to channel former President Obama by using his famous words…          “This is not who we are” , in my mind I responded: You have no clue who we are!

We are welders, truck drivers, house wives, small business owners, miners, farmers, college graduates, accountants, salespeople, construction workers, computer engineers…. we are fighters, not beggars.  We are Americans!

And last night, through President Trump’s first State of the Union address …

We were all John Wayne.




Viral Video – Now What?

Viral Video – Now What?

As flattering as it is to have a video shot in your backyard just for your friends going viral, it really doesn’t solve the problem we’re facing … now what?

Those who know me personally also know that I often say that there are no problems, only solutions. But to come up with solutions one needs to understand the problem.

Start from the principle that behind everything that happens in Washington there is a lobbyist, and behind every lobbyist someone profiting in the millions or billions.

It seems like we find ourselves debating over amnesty for illegals every twenty years and never do anything to prevent it from happening again, it has become so evident that now there is even a whole new philosophy being pushed to make you feel guilty for even having a border in order to distract you from all the interest groups lobbying for illegal immigration.   And for those that like to bring the “Christian thing to do” please refer to 2 Chronicles 32:5.

It’s all about money, it always is.

Big business is behind allowing migrants into the country to supply cheap labor, which if you think about beyond politics, these people are just trading poverty for a little less poverty.  And the price we, as tax paying citizens pay, is that along with those who just want to work, come those who want to do us harm or simply drain the system.  In essence, it’s a big win for big business and a great loss for the hard-working Americans who have seen an increase in crime and stagnant wages due to endless supply of cheap labor.

Some of the lobbyists supporting amnesty and open borders are the same big farmers that have put small farmers out of business, as well as restaurant chains and hotels.  They are against E-Verify, pro amnesty and against border security, and they have spent over 350 million dollars lobbying Congress.

Yep, your tax dollars pay for the elected officials base salary, while lobbyists pay the “commissions”.  If you’ve ever been in sales, the commissions are what really count.

You can read more about these companies and what they’ve been lobbying for here:

Back to my surprisingly viral video …

I’ve tried to the best of my ability,  read as many comments and private messages as possible.  I’ve received numerous messages from other legal immigrants that like me, want to preserve the integrity of what has made this country the best in the world, as well as countless messages from Americans who were happy to hear from an immigrant who loves this country as much as they do.  I had not heard so many “Welcome to America” since I became a citizen twenty years ago!  What a wonderful feeling, and thank you so much for all the love!

The solution….

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to organize and make an impact on the decision being made by Congress a week from now.  Trust me, if I could I would be there standing alone and hoping to be heard, but we all know that’s not happening.  What we can do, is start working towards becoming organized in order to have a voice in the near future.

The conservative movement lacks true activism, it fails miserably in reaching out to legal immigrants, who are for the most part, very religious and essentially conservative.  It is time to change that!

The reason why I’ve mentioned the lobbyists above, was to give you a clear picture of how funding is important, another area where conservatives fail constantly.  It seems like conservatives can only come together when there is an election and after that no work is done to educate communities and bring a positive message about self-reliance and patriotism.

If I’ve learned anything from my viral video is that now, more than ever, there is a need for  a true grassroots  movement to reach out to legal immigrants and deprogram them from the illogical, but emotionally appealing ideas, that have them embracing the same platform that essentially caused them to leave their countries of birth to begin with.

Approximately 13% of the U.S. population is foreign-born, that’s about 40 million people who conservatives have made no effort to reach out to.  It’s time to change that.

I’ll keep writing and making videos, maybe this will lead to something responsibly effective.

If not, at least I’m being true to my beliefs, and giving a little back to the country that has given me everything.

God Bless you all!

And God Bless the United States of America!