Month: May 2018

The bizarre alliance between progressives and Islam

The bizarre alliance between progressives and Islam

One of the most bizarre alliances to surface during the last few years has been the one between Islam and progressives.

There is absolutely nothing less progressive than Islam! How and why these two polar opposite ideologies have become political buddies is a subject that no one is willing to talk about.  Known liberal Bill Maher has voiced his concerned, which has caused his own base to label him an Islamophobe.

Mind manipulation and propaganda are real!

Nothing proves it better than this bizarre alliance.

The Washington Post released an article this week, proudly introducing over 90 Muslims running for office this election season as Democrats with huge support from liberal voters. These are the same voters who support abortion, feminism, gay rights, and most of all, separation between Church and State.

Yet, they are completely on board with electing someone who doesn’t personally believe in any of the above just to prove that they are willing to embrace multiculturalism and pat themselves on the back for their tolerance.

So let’s try to connect the dots and find the foundation of this strange alliance that makes sense to no one who is still able to think independently.

Sharia Law is the political arm of Islam, it governs your every move in life.  From what kind of loan you get to buy a house to your rights as a gay person or a woman, both of which are seen with less regard than we in this Country have for our pets.

In Islam there is no separation between Church and State, the Church is the State.  An oppressive and intrusive one that represents what the translation of Islam means: Submit.

The very essence of Sharia Law is in direct opposition of the Bill of Rights, one cannot support both.

So, after thinking about this strange union between progressives and “regressives” I’ve realized that they key word to understand it was in the very translation of the word Islam: SUBMIT.

It’s not a secret that Democrats today are globalists, they bow to the gods of a one world community without borders and a centralized government, reason why anything American is so repulsive to them, too nationalistic and contrary to the globalist agenda.  One cannot love his roots and traditions and at the same time accept globalization, patriotism must be eliminated for that to happen.  Submission needs to exist for that to happen!

As Islam spreads all over the world and governments force their citizens into submitting to a new way of life where one has to forgo their freedom of speech as to not offend their new residents (the followers of Islam) and prove their ability to coexist with a culture which is opposite to their core beliefs; people are being slowly trained to give in to an oppressive culture.

Think about it, how is Islam any different from living under communism?

Both are oppressive, both decide your life for you, both decide your money for you, both will force you into submission at gun point if necessary.  But Islam has the advantage of being covered by the mantle of religion, which most developed countries have laws to protect.

They are using a freedom to take away your freedom.

What we are seeing here is the most brilliant strategy every created to slowly bring the entire world into the submission of one centralized government without having to fight a huge war.

By using multiculturalism and freedom of religion, progressives have convinced their base to embrace the exact opposite of what they preach, because the end result is exactly the same submission needed for communism to be implemented, and they are accomplishing that in one stroke worldwide by supporting Islam.  Brilliant!

The followers of Islam and supporters of sharia law on the other hand, are being given the golden opportunity to enter western civilizations who would never accept their way of living, by those who in theory would be their strongest opponents, and to them that is a victory in itself, so they have no problem running for office as a Democrat as long as they achieve their ultimate goal….impose their views on everyone else.   They are being used on a global scale the same way Lenin used aristocrats and artists to gain complete control during the Russian revolution.

It is still baffling to me how so many self-proclaimed progressives can’t see the sheer paradox in supporting a political candidate that follows sharia law, while also marching on the streets for gay rights and feminism.  I thank God every day for the ability to think through the fog created by corrupt politicians and the globalists’ fourth branch of government: the media.

A lot of conservatives believe that the reason Islam is taking over is because governments are caving in to their demmands. Believe me, they have complete control of this situation!  They just want Islam to do the dirty work of silencing people and forcing them to comply, a little bit at the time.

They are strategically using this ideology to gain power because the end result is the same: Submission.

Paired with the constant attacks on all forms of free speech, fueling racism, and policies that infringe on every right once guaranteed as sacred by our Constitution, it will not be long before we find ourselves in a completely different society void of all the freedoms we once guarded so vigilantly.

It has never been as important to be involved in the political process as it is today, the days when just getting out to vote was enough are over!  We need to be involved in our communities and local politics as well as in the Federal level like never before, or our children and grandchildren will, without a question, be forced to submit.

Conservatives typically believe that their job is done by voting, but while we vote every four years, the globalists are working every single day, making gradual but significant changes, that go unaffected by our vote.

Just as careless, is to use our keyboards to rant about our frustrations as therapy, fooling ourselves that by doing so we are doing our part to secure our freedoms.

This is a time for action, the higher ground is sinking and we need to move to the battlefield.