Redefining Nationalism

Some Americans often wonder why patriotism is being suppressed to the point of even being called a radical behavior.
What in the past was honorable, now is considered extremism.

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In 1992 a summit created by the UN took place in Brazil.
During that summit an agreement with goals to be achieved by the 21st Century was signed by the leaders of 178 Countries, that agreement was called Agenda 21.
President George H. W. Bush signed the agreement that would change every aspect of our lives from that day forward…from how we did business, how we live, what is taught in schools, land development, etc… Then Clinton, G.W. Bush and Obama continued to implement every part of the agreement, which by the way, is what introduced global warming to the World, now known as Climate Change because the warming wasn’t happening as they “predicted”.
The UN also introduced the “Global Citizen” concept as the means to achieve the goals outlined on Agenda 21.
The Global Citizen defines a person who places their identity with a “global community” above their identity as a citizen of a particular nation or place. The idea is that one’s identity transcends geography or political borders and that the planetary human community is interdependent and whole; humankind is essentially one.
UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has endorsed the global citizen philosophy and created educational programs that are used today by public schools all over the World….thus the “common core curriculum” which reduces the emphasis on National history and promotes a bigger awareness of the Global community.

The sense of identity as an individual is conflicting with the global citizen philosophy, therefore any sense of self, gender, Country, and patriotism have slowly been removed and replaced with the new curriculum that aims to create a global identity (which is in fact NO identity at all).

Are you starting to get the picture?

Agenda 21 aims to create a Global Economy without borders, thus generating the largest form of wealth redistribution ever created.
Think about the last sentence for a minute and then see how it connects to all of the changes we have been experiencing!
Open borders, amnesty, mass refugee resettlement, expanding welfare, race wars…all by design to achieve the ultimate goal.
Even words have gained new meanings! I googled the word Fascism, which I’ve learned in High School as the definition of an authoritarian system without any link to right or left wing groups, but Google defined it as right wing extremism, and…you guess it, Nationalism.  I’ve sent them a polite note asking them to revise the definition since my grandfather escaped  Mussolini’s Italy and I grew up hearing stories from the old Country, so am absolutely positive it was not a right wing ideology.

Could Nationalism be misused? Absolutely.  But, Nationalism IS NOT Fascism! Nor does it equate to xenophobia.  One can be proud of their Country and roots and welcome others with different roots and culture into the fold without having to give up their own identity.

The result of the steady and patient work from the globalists over twenty five years has successfully created a large segment of the population who are proud of having no identity at all and mad at those who still do.  People who see heritage and love for tradition from those who love America as an extreme and offensive behavior without even realizing how little sense it makes that they, at the same time, fight for the right of those who come here from other cultures to maintain their heritage and traditions.

Bizarre much?

I’m always amazed at how effective their strategy has been.  They’ve successfully molded almost two generations into thinking exclusively through emotions, logic is not even contemplated.

We are at a turning point in history, once my generation (the baby boomers) is gone there will be no one left who knows history or the meaning of certain words as we do.

Marcus Garvey once said “A people without the knowledge of their past, history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”

Don’t give up your roots, talk to your kids, pass your heritage on, pass your patriotism on.   Help this new generation see the beauty of loving your Country because that is part of loving and respecting yourself.

That might be the only thing standing between slavery and freedom someday.



2 thoughts on “Redefining Nationalism

  1. This information is so very important for all ages to grasp. Is this the turning point of life for all cultures? Thank you for sharing a bit of history.


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