If I was a Globalist…

If I was a Globalist…

If I was a Globalist


If I was a globalist I would first create an organization under the guise of protecting children (UNESCO) and through it introduce new education standards that included teaching them that we are all global citizens and their individual cultures were irrelevant so I would in the process of a few decades mold generations to accept my control.

If I was a globalist I would then make sure that through trade no one nation was completely self-sufficient,  I would create trade agreements and regulations and make every country so dependent on another that they couldn’t even try to return to being a sovereign nation.

If I was a globalist, I would bundle a bunch of countries together under one coin (EU) and create rules that would give one country power over the others.

If I was a globalist, I would choose to protect and empower a culture whose principles promoted submission by creating wars and forcing thousands of followers of this culture to relocate as refugees and influence other cultures.

If I was a globalist I would create terms like multiculturalism and coexist, I would call those who refused to submit fascists and racists and shame them into compliance.

If I was a globalist I would do all in my power to always have enough hungry people as well as enough lazy people to depend on me and build an army of volunteers for my cause.

If I was a globalist I would enlist help from every influential organization to help me rewrite history so every day the search for truth would become a little cloudier and people’s perception of reality would slowly change.

If I was a globalist I would shame those who praise God for there is no other god other than our earthly rulers.  I would train people to helplessly gaze at their government as their savior from hunger, as their protector, as their guide.

If I was a globalist I would create not only safety nets but lifestyles where people would eventually forget their own power.  I would promote group instead of individual responsibility.

If I was a globalist I would make it nearly impossible for a single income family to survive so young couples would gladly hand their children to the State to raise and form.

If I was a globalist and now had 3 generations of well programmed children but still noticed resistance, I would then create a crisis to study their behavior while I imposed financially devastating restrictions to their lives, thus creating more dependency, and would limit their freedoms in the best interest of their health.  I would watch as they turned against each other but did nothing to break from the chains I created.

If I was a globalist, I would then offer a solution for my well created crisis that would give me even more control over their lives and most would bow at my feet thanking me for giving them back a fraction of what I had just taken away.

If I was a globalist I would look at my work and say… it is done.


5 thoughts on “If I was a Globalist…

  1. I need to share share share! As always you are spot on. This is freaking crazy that we are all bowing to the globalist. As I totally believe in God and practice my Christian beliefs daily I know He is going to make them all really really mad when He takes back CONTROL! Thank you Sybele. Bless you too.


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