The myth of “As long as we have our guns”

The myth of “As long as we have our guns”

Three months ago myself and a couple of friends started a 501C-4 organization called Freedom Rights with the sole purpose to bring patriotic Americans together to protect what protects us, the United States Constitution.

It has been my personal experience as someone who was born in a foreign country, that our freedoms are taken away in small doses, small enough to still give us a sense that we have some control over our future.  And seeing how the same pattern was present in my beloved adopted country, I felt it was necessary to start doing something before it was too late.

What I’m about to write will upset some of my friends, and I offer no apology for it, because it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, even some of the most patriotic and freedom loving Americans, have been brainwashed into believing that as long as they have their guns they can take back what has already been stolen.  There is this almost utopic idea that some day they will know that it is finally time to fight, but not yet.  I’ve always wondered what makes people so complacent, and how bad things need to get before they understand that there is in fact a point where it’s literally too late.  Most Americans have this idea that one day they will come for their guns and they will fight back, that’s the moment when they will finally do something, really? Why wait until we come to the point of having to shed blood to defend what is rightfully ours? Why not demand that elected officials live up to their oath of office and respect the Constitution? Why not push back every single time legislation is passed or about to be passed that will infringe on our rights?

Globalists work day and night to change this country, they are organized and persistent. Yes, they are rude, loud, and have the news media on their side.  How do Constitution loving Americans respond to that? Typically by doing absolutely nothing!

I’ve heard everything from “we all have jobs”, to “we are better than that”, to “let’s make sure we vote the next election”.  All of which sounds very honorable, but is it? Or is it pure complacency and laziness?  Are the patriots of today just little kids that play pretend in their little worlds, and in their pretend world they are Super Man, brave and strong, but when they hear mom’s voice they quickly go back to being Jimmy, the 6 y/o boy scared he might be late for dinner?

Yes, there are those who would fight back, and there are some who are willing to protest and stand for their rights … not enough though, not enough.  We are a whisper in the wind, while the globalists are a pack of howling wolves.

We have come to the point where speaking our mind, like I do often on my videos, is considered an act of bravery! How pathetic is that?

Do you know what comes next? More suppression, more corrupt politicians, more laws infringing on your rights, more gun legislation, and if the last decades are any indication of how people will react, chances are we will do absolutely nothing other than complain as usual.

To illustrate how far-fetched the idea that patriots will actually take the streets screaming “Molon Labe” or “From my cold dead hands” is, let’s go over gun legislation passed during the last few decades:

  • 1934 – National Firearms Act: banned fully automatic weapons, short-barreled shot guns, taxed manufacturer and gun owners, required paperwork subject to Treasury Dept Approval.  No one fought back
  • 1938 – Federal Firearms Act: Manufacturers were required to obtain a license and keep a record of every person they sold a weapon to.  No one fought back
  • 1968 – Gun Control Act: further restricted rifles and shot-gun sales, prohibited mail order sales, restricted users. No one fought back
  • 1972 – ATF was created to further enforce gun control. No one fought back
  • 1990 – Crime Control Act: that’s the one that made schools gun free zones. No one fought back
  • 1994 – Brady Handgun Violence Act:  commonly known as the “assault weapon ban” this bill banned the manufacture, possession, and importation of new semiautomatic assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices (or magazines) for civilian use.  No one fought back.

We have allowed ourselves to be regulated in every way possible, from what we can say at work, to how much influence we have in our children’s school curriculum, and even what we post on social media. We now need a permit to peaceably assemble at a public park (violation of the 1st Amendment), permit to hunt and fish, we pay exorbitant property taxes so our homes are never really ours, and the list goes on.  We are far from free!

And we did nothing!

But don’t worry, they don’t want a revolution, they will just keep on taking our rights away in small doses because they’ve been studying us and they know it works.   And while they are doing that, they are also teaching the new generations about the beauty of globalism.  They are patient, and persistent.

They will eventually pass legislation banning guns all together, that’s the natural path, it has happened in Europe and South America.   Trump will not be there forever, and depending on who wins the next election, we will be closer than most people think to losing all of our rights.  And please, don’t fool yourself, you will do nothing.  The same way that you’ve done nothing till this point, and they know it.

So, next time you see anarchists making noise and pushing for laws that infringe on your rights and say … “I have to work” “I’m better than them” or “I’ll make sure to vote”, go straight to the mirror and say that to yourself!

Better yet, walk up to your child, or grandchild and say those words.

And then explain to them why they will live under a tyrannical government because you are so much better than the anarchists, so you chose to do nothing.

Einstein said it best … “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”.

It is time to do more than just vote.




3 thoughts on “The myth of “As long as we have our guns”

  1. There’s a piece of the puzzle people miss when it comes to the Second Amendment Option.

    Truly, read Federalist 46 from James Madison. The idea was for the STATES–that is, state governments–to lead and coordinate resistance to federal overreach. There’s no way for a “popular uprising” to work, or even to happen (Madison directly addresses this). The state governments offer the key to success. But between the impact of the 14th Amendment and, frankly, the infection of libertarianism into the conservative/Right, this most basic component has been lost.

    Please read it: (or look up Federalist 46 yourself). Don’t just read the fun parts. Read the whole thing, even if the language is dry and difficult.


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