The Left’s misplaced outrage

The Left’s misplaced outrage

Obama met with Cuban dictator Castro and handed him everything he wanted, nothing from that meeting promoted world peace or proved beneficial to the US.
It was a one-sided deal that still left the Cuban people starving and desperate to leave the island.
Cuba isn’t a threat to anyone other than their own people, and Cubans got zero out of the infamous visit where Obama and his administration posed proudly in front of a mural with the image of murderous Che Guevara.
But the press loved it!
They applauded and praised him for accomplishing absolutely nothing!  And completely ignored the millions of Cubans living in the US who were outraged by the visit and concessions made by Obama to Castro.

No one seemed bothered by the rights of the Cuban people,  the misery they live in, or the fact that still today Cubans cannot say what they think without facing prison.  And that the meeting between Obama and Castro was nothing but a well orchestrated show to then allow some interest groups to benefit financially from trading with Cuba … a Country whose government will take all those profits and do nothing for its people.
So, here we are in 2018, and the Trump administration managed to organize a meeting with North Korea’s dictator, making Trump the first American President to ever meet with a North Korean leader.  Yes, we all know that the people of North Korea are probably even more oppressed than the Cubans, so clearly, peace between North Korea and the rest of the World will greatly improve their lives.  Maybe not as much as we would like to, but it is the first step.

This meeting had one single purpose that we all know of: the denuclearization of North Korea.  Which has an enormous impact in the entire world,  and all the media can do is call Trump a dictator because he met with a dictator?
Seriously? A ten year old could come up with a better insult!
This takes the need to bash someone to an entire new level!
That level where hypocrisy and lack of ethics is so blatant that you have to wonder who in the world is that small-minded to listen to this crap and buy it!
The fact that they always find something negative to say doesn’t bother or surprise me, what keeps surprising me is people’s inability to think for themselves and at some point say… wait a minute, this is in the realm of absurdity now, and walk away from the systematic brainwashing.
In some people’s twisted and very cluttered minds, Trump will go down in the liberal history books as the first dictator to want citizens to remain armed and a capitalist economy.
In a way that gives liberals at least one win, Trump really sucks at something, he sucks at being a real dictator!


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