A 21st Century problem in need of a 20th Century solution

A 21st Century problem in need of a 20th Century solution

I’ve been doing some research…
Up until 1966 there was never a mass shooting at a school.
In 1966 – Texas University massacre, 17 dead 31 wounded, he used 4 different weapons. Was a marine that first killed his wife and mother, the autopsy then revealed a brain tumor as the reason for his behavior.
The next mass shooting at a school was in 1999, the infamous Columbine massacre with 15 dead and 21 wounded.  The two shooters 17 and 18  years old were inspired by the Oklahoma City bombing, clear motive is still unknown.
This is where it gets interesting … Small incidents happened in between but then we entered the 21st century.
2005 Red Lake Minnesota, 10 dead 7 wounded (shooter 16 y/o)
2007 Virginia Tech 33 dead 23 wounded (23 y/o)
2008 Dekalb ILL 6 dead 21 wounded (27 y/o)
2012 Oakland CA 7 dead 3 wounded (43 y/o)
2012 Sandy Hook 28 dead 2 wounded (shooter 20 y/o)
2013 Santa Monica CA 6 dead 4 wounded (shooter 23 y/o)
2015 Reseburg Oregon 10 dead 9 wounded (shooter 26 y/o)
2018 Parkland FL 17 dead 14 wounded (shooter 19 y/o)
All the shooters from 2005 to 2018 except for one (the 43 y/o who suffered from schizophrenia) were born in the 80’s.
What changes took place in our society since the 80’s that caused such a modification in behavior? We’ve always had guns, and if anything, States have become stricter with their gun laws than they were in the 60’s, and Federal background checks by the FBI started in 1998.
After some more research, here’s a list of some of the changes in our society since the 80’s:
– Internet
– Video games
– The use of Ritalin for kids (1987 it became the official drug for ADD)
– Divorce rate went up, from 20% in the 60’s to 50% in the 80’s
– More emphasis on promoting equality by giving participation trophies in school – started in the late 80’s
– Common core
– Several law suits which ultimately prohibited any prayer in schools
– Creationism no longer allowed to be taught or mentioned in schools
– AIDS and HIV pandemic changed the nature of sex education in schools
– Parents less engaged in their children’s lives
– Rise in drug use
The last two generations are a product of a very different world from the children born in the 60’s, ignoring this sociological change is not only naive but dangerous.
Although I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, the intention of this article is not to defend it, the goal is to hopefully bring some insight into the real reasons we are seeing an increase in mass shootings.  I personally believe it is a societal problem, that if ignored, will only get worse even if you somehow manage to convince millions of gun owners in this Country that they should give up their guns in the name of  safety.
The last 30 years have presented enormous changes in technology, demographics, information, and most of all, relationships.
A family unity, where mom is nurturing and dad is strong, is now considered cliché and often mocked.
How many more mass murders will we have to witness, by guns, bombs, or any other weapon, for us to realize that we are creating the environment that produces individuals completely disconnected from the basic needs that are predetermined by our own DNA?
It pains me to watch the endless discussions about guns when the answer to stopping this self-destructive behavior is right in front of our faces!
The internet is a blessing and a curse,  that’s why is on the top of my list above.
You can use it like I just did, to research and connect facts in order to understand an issue.  Or, you can just read headlines, carefully written to program your mind.
In essence, gun control is the headline version of solving the problem.  It’s the lazy out for those who don’t want to be bother with digging into the root cause of the problem.
Aren’t your children worth a little more effort from your part?

8 thoughts on “A 21st Century problem in need of a 20th Century solution

  1. Would you please put these facts on Facebook to be shared?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this research.


  2. This is an amazing article. I am currently doing a research project in economics class and I would love to cite some of this information. Is there anyway I can see the references you used to collect your data? I know my professor is going to give me a hard time, however, this is great information about the root of the cause.


      1. Just wanted to give you an update. I got an A on the paper. I was able to use your stats as a starting point and did my own research. With so much information , there was no way the professor could have given me anything less. Thank you for the inspiration, I follow you on Facebook and always look forward to your videos and posts.


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