North Korea vs U.S. – A beginner’s guide to today’s events

North Korea vs U.S. – A beginner’s guide to today’s events

As I watch the news portraying Kim Jon Un as someone one could reason with while making it sound like President Trump has single-handedly caused today’s animosity between North Korea and the rest of the World, I’ve found it necessary to roll back to 1994 in order to understand how exactly we got to this point.

In 1994, the US was in the brink of a war with North Korea over its threat to go nuclear. The Clinton administration negotiated a deal with then President Kim Jon – il (Kim Jon Un’s father) very similar to the one the Obama Administration negotiated with Iran in 2015, aimed at stopping North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.  Their desire to go nuclear was unprovoked, they simply didn’t like that the rest of the World did not agree with how they treated their own people.

The deal was received with both skepticism and praise at the time, some felt North Korea could not be trusted, others that diplomacy had saved us from a war.

So here we are in 2017, once again facing the threat of a nuclear war from North Korea…why didn’t the deal work? Why wasn’t diplomacy sufficient to stop them?

The lesson we’re learning is that diplomacy requires all parties to be honest and willing to keep peace,  but most importantly, that a weak enemy will do all in its power to buy time in order to build strength but will still remain an enemy.

The next question is why! Why would North Korea risk a war with the US?

For that we need to go into Kim Jon Un’s world and understand who he is and how his mind works.

This is not a man who needs to be provoked, his set of morals are completely different from what we are used to.  Described as paranoid by the few who have been able to escape North Korea, Kim Jon Un has carried on public executions of musicians, members of his cabinet and his own uncle, all accused of treason and trying to remove him from power.  Young girls are removed from their homes to live in one of his many houses and serve him as sex slaves, most of the population live in absolute poverty, anyone who dares to speak against the regime is sent to prison where they are tortured and starved to death, no external content from the Western World is allowed, they are taught absolute loyalty and dedication to the regime.

The biggest mistake most Americans make is to think that they can use the same reasoning they’ve learned in order to deal with issues in their own lives to deal with paranoid, power-hungry, rootless dictators.

Kim Jon Un has only one goal in life, that is to maintain power! And since he already has it over his own people now he wants it over other Nations also.  Power is like a drug, one can never have enough.

Keep in mind that all the government officials and military leaders surrounding him know very well how paranoid he is, they would never dare to go against his wishes or tell him he is absolutely insane trying to start a war against the US… the way they see it they will die either way, might as well agree with him and delay their death a little.

Does he care about his people? Clearly NOT! If he did, he wouldn’t be executing them in the public square or starving them to death in concentration camps for not agreeing with him.

Now that we have a better picture of how we got here, where do we stand?

Believe me, as a mother I do not want to see a world where my son will have to face the horrors of a nuclear war! But do we have a choice?

What would it take to stop North Korea? We’ve tried diplomacy and it only bought them time to get stronger and more daring.  Sanctions are also a temporary fix because unfortunately North Korea and Iran share the same desire to destroy the US and we just gave Iran 150 billion dollars which they are using to strengthen our enemies, and that includes North Korea.

Have you noticed how much bolder North Korea has become since the deal we’ve made with Iran?

If we had a list of things that could have been done to avoid an attack from North Korea, all the boxes would have been checked by now with only one remaining … strong offense.

President Trump did not create this monster,  it was handed to him to deal with as the result of almost 25 years appeasement and two extremely dangerous nuclear deals (North Korea and Iran) which have led the enemy to believe that our people are willing to risk their own children’s lives just to be able to wave peace signs and claim moral superiority.

At the risk of sounding cruel and insensitive, I’ll choose Americans lives over the people of North Korea.  Horrible? Maybe.  But also calculated and logical.  If North Korea succeeds in attacking us their people will remain slaves of the regime with no one able to ever change it, Iran will continue to go unchecked, much more misery will come to a world without the US working to limit the power of deranged leaders.

Yes, our government has made some bad decisions in the past in other parts of the World, but we’ve done a lot of good also. And when it comes to North Korea we’ve done all possible to avoid conflict, so  I’m not embarking on the “mea culpa” train on this one.

To all the self-righteous, peace talking, willing to sacrifice themselves people out there, please exercise your right to be completely out of touch with reality by moving to another Country if you don’t like the idea of being associated with the concept of self-preservation the rest of us believe in.  Or, paint flowers on your face and hold a peace concert, if that makes you feel better by all means do it.  We don’t want to force you to defend yourselves, but please don’t ask us to passively accept the threats of a lunatic, it ain’t happening! The coward population has increased in size as of late, but this is still the home of the brave.

We are not perfect, but we are a heck of a lot better than the alternative! And for as long as there is at least a glimpse of hope of being able to call this United States of America the Land of the Free, we will still fight.



4 thoughts on “North Korea vs U.S. – A beginner’s guide to today’s events

  1. There’s not a single thing written in the piece that I’d take issue with…. It is quite apparent to me that we will need to accept a first attack by KJU before anyone will accept an attack. He will have to do something outrageous, at the cost of many lives before we will act. How many of those lives will be American? Even one is too many.


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